I am a writer and have been since I was four years old.




Mostly, I have been published as Sophie Weston in at least twenty-six languages, mainly category romance and short stories.  My Cinderella, Revised is in the lovely collection by members of the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association, Loves Me, Loves Me Not edited by Katie Fforde.

But I have also written longer romantic novels, most recently To Marry a Prince, as Sophie Page.


I’ve been privileged to collaborate (and had a lot of fun doing so) with historical novelist Elizabeth Hawksley on  Getting the Point, A User-Friendly Guide to Punctuation for Adults ; and also best selling author and distinguished editor Diane Pearson, on on a celebration of the Romantic Novelists’ Association for our 50th anniversary in 2010. Called Fabulous at Fifty available from the RNA’s website.  I blog when strongly moved, on this site.

Fabulous at Fifty








I may just be turning into a Hybrid Author, after my inspiring visit to The Women’s Fiction Festival at Matera. Call me a chrysalis. We all know what happens to them, right? Butterfly or squished. If you want to find out what happens next, sign up for my Newsletter. The first edition will be out soon.

best wishes