Lucky 7: From Work in Progress

Social Media keep throwing me new challenges — or a curveball (‘a deceptive pitch, in which the ball dives downward as it approaches the plate) depending on your point of view. Today Janet O’Kane twittertagged me to take part in Lucky 7: Seven lines from new works.

Rules are:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS or WIP (simples)
  2. Go to line 7 (got that)
  3. Copy the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs (um . …)  and post them as they’re written (runs away screaming)
  4. Tag 7 more writers and let them know. ( glug)

So here goes with the Work In Progess. I’m not going into  context or character thumbnails. As Shakespeare said, good wine needs no bush. And if it ain’t good, well it’s a draft and, anyway, John Wayne does it for me—  Nevah apologaaaahse; issa sarna wikn’ss.  So I’m delegating the PR to my characters.  Off you go, guys:

‘The Countess was a Pre-Raphaelite  – well a fellow traveller, anyway – so our Paradise Garden is a mish mash of Garden of Eden and the Thousand and One Nights.’

‘Gabby –’

‘She wanted a cloister as well but her husband put his foot down.’

‘I’m not surprised,’  muttered Marek.  ‘Gabby –’

‘Apple trees for the Tree of Knowledge, of course, and roses for the Persians– and the Victorian bulldozer in the picture was to build a  mini canal because water symbolises life.’

‘Gabby,’ said Marek very loudly, ‘shut up.’


Now you may now want to go and read, or even listen to, something classy. SYLVESTER,  a book in which the palpitating writer finds just how bad it can get, is read by (be still my beating heart) Richard Armitage. You can even hear a sample on Naxos’s website:


And Friends, forgive me, I’m tagging you because I want to know what you’re writing now. But I don’t think you get struck down by palsy or even writer’s block if you don’t come up with 7 lines. The luck has already happened and it’s all on my side, knowing you and your lovely books . . .

Anne McAllister 

Anne Gracie

Barbara Hannay

Bex Leith

Elizabeth Bailey

Jan Jones

Lesley Cookman


8 Responses to “Lucky 7: From Work in Progress”

  • Thanks, Jenny, for stepping up to the plate (see how catching those sporting idioms are) and letting us see your 7 lines. Most intriguing, and you managed a huge bit of characterisation at the same time. It’s been a great way to connect with you.

  • Sarah McConnel:

    Seven measly lines? Daily I wait to hear when your next book will be published and you tantalise me with seven lines! I want to know who Marek is (A Song for Summer?) and who Gabby is, and who the Countess is (Below Stairs?). Give me Knowledge AND Character. Please!

    • Oh Sarah, it’s readers like you who keep me trucking. Thank you. There will be more books really very soon, I hope. Watch this space. Have you tried the short stories on my website?

      I said I wouldn’t give away any more on the Work In Progress but,just for you:
      * Marek is a sexy truth teller, a bit short on empathy, with a nasty sense of humour. I’m crazy about him.
      * Gabby is a professional woman who avoids confrontation and has a Very Low Embarrassment Threshold.
      * The Countess was her late ancestor, artistic and very expensive, with absolutely no embarrassment threshold at all. She doesn’t appear in person but her deeds live on behind her…

      • Sarah McConnel:

        “Books” is good – very good. “Really very soon” is good. “I hope”, though, sends me back to “Beware the Huntsman” and reading forwards. Slowly.

  • Oh, 7 lines is delicious, but not enough!
    I want the whole book.
    More please.

  • Wonderful, Jenny. Can’t wait!

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