I am a writer and have been since I was four years old. I am also a reader. That started a lot earlier.LibertaBooks.com is where historical author Joanna Maitland and I share our book news, readerly and writerly insights and host some of our favourite authors. Latest Sophie Weston blog post.


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how to add sparkle to those crucial early chapters. Saturday, 17th June 2017, RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly, London

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Latest Publication RED HOT LOVER

One of my personal favourites, this book was originally published by UK independent publisher Heartline, and I’m delighted to say is now slightly revised and republished by Sophie Weston Independent



Mostly, I’ve been published as Sophie Weston — around 12mn books sold in 27 languages and over 100 international outlets.

I love writing short stories and have had several published, including Cinderella, Revised in the lovely collection by members of the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association, Loves Me, Loves Me Not edited by Katie Fforde and Sue Moorcroft.

A Little Bit of Sparkle is free online.

Also To Marry a Prince, written as Sophie Page for Random House. It’s longer than most of my published work and set in an alternative reality. The wondrous Terry Pratchett would have said I’d gone down the other trouser leg of time. Imagine that Queen Victoria had never been born….


I’ve been privileged to collaborate (and had a lot of fun doing so) with historical novelist Elizabeth Hawksley on  Getting the Point, A User-Friendly Guide to Punctuation for Adults ;

and also best selling author and distinguished editor Diane Pearson, on on a celebration of the Romantic Novelists’ Association for our 50th anniversary in 2010. Called Fabulous at Fifty available from the RNA’s website.

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